It’s December?

How did we get here? It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were in lockdown. Heck, in my mind it’s still 2019.

Photo by Guneet Jassal on Unsplash

I’ve just over 2 weeks of work left for the year and I’m clawing at the walls ready for my break. This is the first time I’ll have more than 2 weeks break since 2019 and I am tired! It’s probably why my brain is still stuck there.

Unfortunately, we’re reached La Nina here so are expecting a more rainy and mild summer. Our spring was more like autumn conditions but at least the spiders and their countless webs everywhere seem to be having fun. On a positive note, there won’t be many bushfires.

Christmas decorations were a little delayed in going up this year and likewise for those supermarket Christmas treats but it’s all out on display now. There’s a lack of something in the air though. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe we’re all just over this year or maybe we’re still all being careful in planning events.


8 thoughts on “It’s December?

  1. Yes, I still feel as if it’s 2019. Perhaps it’s because that was the last time I actually traveled internationally, so everything else after that feels like the Twilight Zone…as for the lack of something in the air, I think it’s just the news of the Omicron variant and many countries (in Europe and N. America, from what I know) are regressing after opening up after vaccines and whatnot. That, and just the fact that it gets darker earlier in the day, i.e. seasonal depression. 2021 really just flew by, and we’ll have to see just what 2022 brings up. Hopefully, more progress!

    1. It’s still feeling like the Twilight Zone now but at least with abit more hope. We’re in summer here! But it’s just been so grey, rainy but at least we’re getting a thunderstorm almost every day at the moment.

  2. I still also feel like I’m in 2019….I keep looking back at things from 2018/19 and feeling like we’re hitting the new year for 2020 really. I can’t believe it’s going to be 2022, I actually feel a little bit down about it and how much we’ve all missed out on in the last couple of years….

    1. I do as well actually and have a feeling that I will need to make up the time lost. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before and I’m not sure how to really process it. Chasing time is never a nice feeling so not sure how this is going to work.

  3. I can’t believe we’re already in December… 2021! I just try not to think a lot about it ahah! Glad to hear you’re heading toward summer in your part of the world, despite all the spiders…! Here, I have started feeling festive but I haven’t taken the time yet to bake some Christmas cookies or decorate… hopefully in the next few weeks! Happy December! 😊

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