Fabrics And Why It Matters

How much do you pay attention to what fabric your clothes are made out of?

With my long journey in learning and finding out about ethical fashion, aside from thinking about the company’s production ethos and “green alternatives“, fabrics is something to also keep in mind.

A polyester shirt can take between 20-200 years to decompose

With more awareness now and more fabric choices, the consumer is now faced with more decisions and options to make “better” choices (if one wishes).

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

In my younger years, I didn’t care so much. A cotton/polyester mix was fine, that acrylic jumper was fine (despite getting an electric shock everytime I touched something) and 100% polyester dresses were fine. Different fabrics are used for different clothing looks or uses.

But how I have become such a picky fabric warrior since. I’m not sure if it came with age or experience but I feel so uncomfortable with certain materials now. A cotton/polyester tshirt just rubs me up the wrong way when I wear it now and I become frustrated from this unbreathable combination. Similarly, a jumper made from synthetics makes me feel the same way with the added bonus of shocking me everytime I touch metal.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

I’m still learning and still have to always google what rayon actually is but the words modal and lyocell actually mean something to me now. Now, I try to pick as much natural fibres as I can not only because they feel good to wear (more likely to keep wearing) but also have a chance at breaking down once discarded.

Our summers here are painfully warm so I like to stick to 100% (comfortable) cotton and rayon/viscose. I find good quality linen clothing hard to find and also hate ironing so tend to stay away from these.

Winter clothing is much the same but I’m steering towards cashmere jumpers and away from the electricity charging and itchy fibers.

Despite all this, the production process might still not be so environmentally optimal but as with everything in the consuming space, we do the best we can with the money, information and choices we have.

Are you a picky fabric person? Do you have a favourite or any other fabric fibre facts worth sharing?

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4 thoughts on “Fabrics And Why It Matters

  1. I was just thinking of writing a post on ethically source, eco friendly fabrics as I purchased a dress recently with such a label. I don’t buy exclusively this way but I like it if I find clothing that is labelled by brands trying to do better.

    1. I’ll be reading it if you write it! I feel like many brands don’t do it very well- they need to be more transparent if they are going to label themselves as ethical. Even if transparency also means acknowledging any short comings and areas they want to improve in.

  2. Super interesting post! I think fabrics are often overlooked when we talk about sustainability but they are also quite important! I still have a lot to learn regardin fabrics and sustainability but I try to make better choices now. This means: away from “plastic-y” shirts and tops that make me sooo sweaty! I also get annoyed by more types of fabric now. I used to not wear some items because I didn’t like their fabric…. now I just don’t buy them anymore! 😊 Thanks for sharing!

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