Secretly Learning

I have a secret to share. I started learning another language. Just for fun.

Photo by Phong Duong on Unsplash

It wouldn’t be a lie to say that I am addicted to language learning. I don’t know what it is. Learning new combination of letters and sounds. Finding more beautiful ways to say a certain word. Maybe I like the struggle that comes with learning and the feeling of accomplishment when I can finally remember how to spell malheureusement. Maybe I think I’m just more cultured in my mind by being able to explore other cultures (ha!) and ways of expressing one’s self.

Of course, this means that I am not particularly fluent in any one language. Sometimes I doubt if I even am in native English. I love living in this mess and I think my brain does too.

Yet there just always seems to be a all or nothing attitude to learning a language. “Oh you’re learning so and so, how do you say this? Can you translate this random sentence?”.

I started learning korean. The reasons include being in lockdown, for fun, out of curiosity, liking how it sounds and coming across songs I really like.

The alphabet (Hangul) is intriguing and so visually pleasing. I am still trying to recognise and memorise. I found creating my own alphabet card the most useful to have it all in one place and that I can move around rather than having it written on a page in my notebook. I’ve utilised Duolingo and Memrise and have found Memrise to be more useful at the moment for reasons that I have previously explained about Duolingo here.

Combination of these letters are written out in blocks of syllables which are read left to right/top to bottom. At the moment being able to read a syllable and word is quite an achievement but I still don’t know the meaning. Korean is said to be quite scientific in its language and I am interested in discovering this further.

I’ve yet to start learning any grammar and want to just keep learning the letters and basic basic vocabulary at the moment.

Is there anyone else that has started secretly learning a langauge/another language? Anyone else learning korean?

7 thoughts on “Secretly Learning

  1. I keep intending to get back to learning Spanish but have yet to take the plunge. I do like the Korean alphabet. I’d love to learn some Greek one day because I like the Greek alphabet.

  2. It’s not as if I’m being secretive about learning languages, but it’s just something that I do for myself, and not often tell others. I had a brief stint learning German and Italian simultaneously a few years ago, but stopped when life got in the way. I hope to pick them up again! Best of luck in your endeavors of learning Korean!

  3. I have been teaching myself Danish and Norwegian. I tried Polish but it was just too hard. I learnt Japanese at school so wondered about Korean and whether it would be similar. Good luck with your learning. Languages are so much fun!

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