100 Days in lockdown

We have officially passed 100 days in lockdown. Yes, we are still in lockdown but the end of the tunnel seems close. We’re now waiting for our state to reach 70% of the adult population to be vaccinated before places start opening and mingling between households will be allowed. The expected date is 11 October.

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

We had been limited to only travelling 5km from home. If you know Australia, distance makes the heart grow fonder so 5km in some places within Sydney doesn’t actually get you very far or even to your local supermarket. This was lifted a week or 2 ago and now you’re allowed to travel around your local Government area and only for essential things like food or outdoor picnicing which is now allowed if you’re lucky enough to be living in the same parts of Sydney as friends and family. Curfews in some parts of Sydney have been lifted and the 1 hour outdoor exercise per day rule has been lifted (which to me was absurd in the first place).

I’m keen to push through this lockdown and to be able to see my nearest and dearest. There are more plans now to accomodate movement of citizens again. Conversations surrounding these whole lockdowns have been hard to navigate as people feel so strongly on both sides of the fence about everything and anything. I’ve been taken aback by this.

I’m feeling much more hope and motivation to basically live again rather than just surviving the every day. I think this funk has really got to me and I’ve noticed that I’ve been making more and more little errors in my work which has started to fuel my self doubt. Time to take a break.

In my inbox the other day, travel companies have started emailing again. I may have had a look at a few to see what is on offer and started dreaming again. 2022 is looking like a year of opportunity again (touch wood, let’s no jinx it).

14 thoughts on “100 Days in lockdown

  1. While here in North America (and Europe, it seems), we’ve more-or-less have given up on the lockdown: while in the US we’re nowhere near 70% vaccinated in our population, so many of us are just going for the broke and traveling near and far without much regard for safety. It angers me, but I know that for me having laid low all of this time, I’m protecting myself and others from further spread. It’ll take me until mid/late 2022 to even consider international travel, so we’ll have to see what happens…courage to you!

      1. I think the US just kind of gave up, and people are just going out doing what they like, vaccinated or not. There are still some policies in place, i.e. needing to show that one’s fully vaxxed before entering spaces like clubs, gyms, etc. But it really does look like things have more-or-less resumed the usual operation pre-COVID, which I think is a bit disconcerting, but as long as we’re careful, I guess it should be fine…very exciting you’ll be able to come out this coming week! That freedom will be much-cherished, and hope you have fun while staying safe!

  2. I really hope the October date is freedom day for you. Like you, lockdown really took its toll on me last year in England and I was low motivation at work, got in to a real rut. It’s amazing the impact seeing loved ones and having adventures again has had on my mental health and happiness – so just hang in there, it will get better 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m sorry to read that you are still in a lockdown, and I really hope that things will go back to normal there as well. Here in Belgium, after around 3/4 lockdowns and approximately 6 months of curfew, the summer brought a new wave of hope and things are starting to feel normal again. I hope you will get to enjoy the summer like we did here. If you need it, rest and take a day (or more) off of work to recharge your batteries. Even if you can’t go out, see people or do much, a break is sometimes needed, and just being alone in nature can do wonders. Take care 🥰

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