Rejoining Society

Our lockdown was lifted about 2 weeks ago for the vaccinated. We can finally leave our local areas, visit other households and engage in more ‘normal’ activities like going to gyms or the movies. Kids are going back to school after a whole term being homeschooled.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Emerging from hiberation, hairdressers are booked out and nail salons were the place to be on the first day out of lockdown.

This change has been a great morale boost. Even if it’s just knowing that you can go wherever is reassuring and being able to make a greater wardrobe selection apart from loungewear is bringing some excitement. It’s just that I’ve forgotten how to socialise.

It’s coming into the end of year summer holidays too and I’m sure everyone is already trying to figure out Christmas plans. For those with families interstate, their fingers and toes are crossed that internal borders will also open without lengthy quarantining. Yes, internal borders aren’t all open yet.

Next month, international flights resume for Australians to travel out of Australia but I am wary that perhaps there might not be many flights back?

I’m not sure if this has occurred elsewhere but I still feel a sense of hesitancy. Is it the masks? Is it the lack of smiles and ‘human-ness’?

Am I just playing it safe?

Did my brain just adapt to the lockdown life and now needs to adapt back to the normal world?

Did I just become even more introverted in the past 3 months than I already am?

As the city wakes up from its months of slumber, I await the return of exhibitions, concerts and cultural events.

6 thoughts on “Rejoining Society

  1. Congratulations to Australia for lifting lockdown restrictions! I hope it goes well for the country. Here in the US, we lift lockdown restrictions long ago, and things have more-or-less resumed to normal (although I have qualms about this, as COVID is still here and another new strain could happen any time…). Like you, I find returning to what it was before very strange; I’ve likewise had gotten used to staying at home, social distancing, wearing masks, etc. Going forward, I will be wearing masks all the time whenever I go out, and I’ve since told myself I will never be stepping foot in a gym or club again (or at least, DECADES down the line). The lockdown lift will take some time getting used to, I assure you, but we’ll just have to take it day by day, month by month, year by year at a time…

  2. Great news! I think your misgivings about new found freedom and socialising are completely understandable. I chuckled at ‘have I become even more introverted’ because that’s exactly how I feel. Enjoy going to your favourite places and events!

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