Pink in Pictures

I was reading this article the other day about generational colour (and the new Very Peri pantone colour of 2022). As a millenial, I was interested to read about how Fushia Rose was the colour of the year back in 2001 which set forth a decade of pink within culture which is now called Millenial Pink.

I’ve never really worn pink and still don’t but thinking back into the 2000s, it was the time when it became ok for men to wear pink, rose pink became an option that we could purchase and appeared more and more in movies.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink

Mean Girls (2004)

In a twist of fate, my latest phone gallery seemed to contain some pink that I have taken in the past few weeks.

What does pink mean to you?

5 thoughts on “Pink in Pictures

  1. Apparently, pink is a color that I look good wearing: a former roommate of mine has told me that the color complements my skin tone, which I find very flattering, haha. It’s a soft color, and I find it more subtle than red, to signify the early stages of love (before it turns to a passionate red)!

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