Trying To Artify My Life

One of my new year resolutions in 2021 was ” bring more art into my life”. I was reflecting on this the other day thinking if I could’ve been anymore vague.

An unachievable goal according to the productivityists because I can’t quantify this goal in any way and I had no measures of progress. It’s a broad goal with an even broader definition. Maybe I knew this subconsciously. Subconsciously and consciously, I’ve always thought art speaks to your soul although I am not religious. It’s just when it feels right, it attracts you and stirs emotions, feelings or thoughts. It’s deeply personal is it not?

What defines as art anyway?

Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

For me, I felt like travel was a big part of adding art to my life. I see things, hear things and experience other arts that I don’t get to in my home town. Seeing as though travel has been off the cards for almost 2 years now, I felt like my art soul was running on reserve leading me to make this goal.

In order to mediate this feeling, I first signed up to some free online courses to learn about paintings. I rediscovered music, spent some time on Google Arts and Culture and read books.

Isn’t the label on a drink also art? The choice of typography? The choice of colours and patterns on the clothing that I own? Maybe trying to seek it and find it is part of the art?

It seems that maybe I don’t need to look so hard when it’s always around me.

This year, I still want to continue to see what “artify my life” uncovers in me and the world around me.

How do you seek the arts?

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8 thoughts on “Trying To Artify My Life

  1. Art is in everything if you look closely enough! It’s not just art made by a person, but a photograph or painting composition of a place, they way you look at something. I enjoyed this post! I must say I would probably have gasped at the wall in your opening photo, and made three photos of each section!

  2. Great thoughts! I completely agree with you and I think that, in the end, art is everywhere and it looks different to everyone. I remember one year in my philosophy classes where we mostly talked about the difference between “art” (in the usual meaning, refering to painting, sculptures, etc.) and “art” in its broader, more generic sense (like a craft or skill). It was extremely interesting and I could easily write 10 pages about it ahah!

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