Ice Creams To Try in South Korea

Ice-creams are readily available on every street corner here in the plentiful convenience stores around the country. I also live and work near unmanned lolly stores which also sell ice-creams for 50cents! So a summer challenge for myself was to try as many ice cream flavours as my wallet and waistline allows.

I wanted to try as many as I could while summer lasted so here are some that I got around to trying so far.

You may already be familiar with Melona and its infamous green melon flavoured ice-cream which tastes exactly like green melon. But here is another summer flavour combination that can’t do wrong- pineapple and coconut. Melona is just a classic and one of those reliable, you know you’re going to enjoy it brands. There was great flavour and the consistency of their ice creams is really nice. 10/10

Although it’s written as babamba in Korean (welp, I can read Korean now), the differences in naming makes no difference for this chestnut flavoured ice-cream. I was interested in what it would taste like and am not surprised that it wasn’t sweet. Korean desserts tend to be on the ‘not sickly sweet’ side. It was interesting and tasted alittle like chestnut but with many more ice cream flavours to try, I will not be reaching back for this one. 6/10

Del Monte Mango
Another summer flavour that you can’t go wrong with is mango. As a proud Australian Weis Mango and Icecream bar fan, I was intrigued. Could this rival my #1 mango bar from back home? It could not. It didn’t even come close. It tasted like frozen mango juice so I guess the flavour was there but nothing beats the Weis Mango bar from back home. 6/10

The famous fish ice cream from Korea. Wafer on the outside, vanilla ice cream, red bean and mochi on the inside. This is honestly the best ice cream out of everything here and even maybe most of the ice cream from back home (except the Weis bar obviously). The vanilla ice cream in this is amazing. I’m also a fan of chewy things so with the wafer, red bean and mochi, this is hands down a must try when you’re here. 10/10

Taro Milk Tea Bar
I didn’t have high hopes for this. I feel like anything bubble tea flavoured that actually isn’t a bubble tea drink just doesn’t meet expectation. It was ok, the taro flavour seemed pretty mild although it was as purple as pictured. There weren’t that many black pearls in it either so my love for chewiness wasn’t overly satisfied. 6/10

Corn Ice Cream
I’m not sure what this is called exactly but it’s easy to spot. It is literally corn flavoured ice cream. Again, it’s wafer on the outside (in the shape of a corn, leaves, kernels and all), corn flavoured ice cream on the inside and with corn bits. I tried this back home in Australia because it was just such an interesting concept to me. Who would’ve thought that corn could be an ice cream flavour? Back then, I didn’t think I would actually actively go out to buy it again but after seeing it recently online, there I was, going out to actively buy it. Try it out of curiosity. I don’t know, maybe it’ll be your new found favourite. 8/10

Have you tried any of these ice creams before? What did you think? Which one would you like to try?

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8 thoughts on “Ice Creams To Try in South Korea

  1. You know, we are very adventurous eaters on our travels, in fact trying new things food wise is so high on our list that I’d even say it’s one of the biggest joys of travel. We both eat virtually everything… but guess what, the only food that both of us really dislike is…ice cream. So, with a million apologies, I wouldn’t try any of those!

  2. Very cool you’re focusing on ice creams to try in Korea– I wouldn’t have thought of ice cream being a big deal in the country, but given that summers do tend to be hot there, I’m not surprised! I’ve heard of Melona, but I don’t think I’ve tried it before…but anything mango-flavored is up my alley (as it is my favorite fruit and flavor)! I recently tried corn-flavored ice cream here at home, and it’s definitely an interesting (but tasty) concept– it works! Glad you’re enjoying Korea so far. 🙂

    1. I prefer the ice creams over iced drinks for some reason. It’s been an interesting experiment hahaha. I think you would be able to find Melona in your part of the world too. I’m glad you liked the corn ice cream!

  3. Wow I love your selection and would love to try the taro bubble tea and chestnut one just because they seem unlike anything I have ever tried! I’m pretty sure I would love the fish shaped one too but the corn one really doesn’t appeal to me, especially if it has pieces of corn in it?? ahah thanks for this refreshing post, I love seeing what other countries have to offer in terms of unusual food!

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