Blogmas 2020- Day 11: Skin Deep

Skin. It’s the largest organ of the body that is subjected to every day harshness such as the sun and dust. I recently watched a French lady’s skincare routine on youtube. I was shocked to see that in the winter mornings, she applied a few different moisturisers. Shocked is probably not the right word. France is home to some of the world’s best skincare brands so it is no surprise that French women generally have a great relationship with skincare. It’s not about trying to look young, just looking after what you have. It was no surprise to me that so many products were being used and I think I was more shocked at myself this year for having let me skincare routine go sideways. I don’t even think I’ve put on lip balm at all this year.

After recovering from this realisation, I zipped around the bathroom to do a stocktake of what I have. I’m also quite good at not using the face masks and oils that I have. Time to change that.

I find attending to my skin a little therapeutic and I like massaging my face. I’m not sure if there are any medical benefits but I guess improving blood flow and massaging muscles never hurt anyone. I also find peace in the routine. I don’t even have to think that much- just cleanse, wipe and pat as I always do. There’s nothing more relaxing than lying down with a face mask on as you wait for it to dry.

We are now well underway in getting into summer. Growing up, I had it drilled into my head that I must wear sunscreen every day. I still mostly do if I am going to be outside when the sun is at it’s strongest. In Sydney, the UV radiation index is usually above 11 (extreme) by lunch time in the summer. I wonder to myself how I use to go to the beach with my friends for the whole day when I was younger when now, I’m actively avoiding being in the sun in the middle of the day. Skincare is actually a topic my friends and I rarely discuss which is interesting considering so much of the market is targeted at women and I know we all cleanse and cream.

What is your relationship with skincare like? Do you discuss skincare with your friends?

9 thoughts on “Blogmas 2020- Day 11: Skin Deep

  1. I’m quite disciplined about skincare and do use expensive products they do make a difference. I’m amazed that some women don’t bother so much. I’ve tried cheaper ones and they just don’t do the work

      1. I was using a moisturiser from a salon in the UK but have gone back to Estee Lauder ..but think I will end up going back to Lancome, still the best for me.
        Although you can’t best Estees Advanced Night Repair which I swear by. Very expensive though

  2. Now in European winter we have different skin problems. Due to central heating the air is very dry and also most body parts are covered up. So one should apply lots of lotion otherwise the skin will dry out and become itchy.

  3. I feel like I am extremely disciplined with my skincare, at least when I talked to other people about it. Not only I love trying out new products and brands, I also take very good care of it. I guess the fact that I have a very dry skin in general and quite a pale complexion force me to do so as well. For instance, I couldn’t possibly go a day without lip balm and removing my make-up is my something that I do every single night, without exception! In a way, as you say, it is also part of “self care” and it is definitely therapeutical for me as it is part of a routine to wind down in the evening or prepare for the day in the monring!

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