Once Upon A Historical Sydney

Empty streets during these times and over the summer holidays let me able to stroll around more. I had not really noticed some of these places below before. Really noticed. There’s something so retro, haunting, glam and hidden.

I guess these places are now historical after having played such a big scene within Sydney in their lifetime.

Kelly’s Discount Books on George Street.
I can’t remember when this book store was actually open. Maybe about 10 years ago yet it still remains decked out with faded posters and faded book covers. What Audrey would have seen, once a traffic nightmare, George St here is now pedestrianised with trams running up and down.

The Grace Building
Neo gothic heritage listed building that was built in the late 1920s and opened in 1930 by the Grace Brothers as their headquarters. Grace Brothers was a department store chain which was bought and rebranded by Myer. It’s currently The Grace Hotel.
Old Train Timetable at the Powerhouse Museum
Not that old if I can remember something similar when I was still at school.
Comic Kingdom
The store opened in 1986 and closed its doors in 2016, however is still there today in 2022.
Sir John Young Hotel on George St
Potentially a casualty of 2020, this pub is now closed but sports these old school tiling on columns outside.
Bank of Australasia Building
I realise now that as I am writing this that this is a side view of the building. Built in 1904 in a Federation Romanesque style, this heritage listed building is now owned by Paspaley.
General Post Office, Martin Place
Constructed between 1866-1891, this neo classic sandstone building was previously the headquarters of Australia Post but now contains cafes, restaurants and bars.

14 thoughts on “Once Upon A Historical Sydney

  1. It is the passage of time; the last two years seem to have frozen everything, but in reality what was already on the decline is seeing its fall accelerate. Interesting city tour.

  2. Lovely pics. All of them look so heritage. As an Asian, it’s nice to be able to see Western sights and history, even though Australia’s more Down Under more than anything. That bookstore is charming as heck though. ‘Quaint’ would be the perfect word here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The old sandstone buildings are wonderful. They are cool in the heat of summer and grand and stately reminders of quality architecture. We aren’t blessed with many historic buildings so ones like the Bank and the post are to be treasured.

    1. And Brissy is a place where these sandstone buildings would come in handy! I wonder if I could go into these buildings one day just to have a look around. The interiors of the Grace building look like a sight to see.

  4. So interesting…I looked at that first bookshop photo for ages as there’s something so haunting about it. What Audrey must have seen and how sad that bookshops are moving to be a thing of the past. The old train timetables with the clocks is also beautiful, it’s a shame it’s now just all on our phones. We miss so much of the world!

  5. I’m sure those places will bring stories to mind for many people in the city. They each look like they have a life of their own – the bookstore, the train station, the bottle shop.

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