Blogmas 2020- Day 17: Enjoying Jewellery

When was the last time you wore a piece of jewellery that you had not worn in a really long time? This could be years or months. Perhaps you’re saving it for a special occasion…..whenever that comes around or maybe it’s a keepsake that was gifted or passed down to you. Why not wear it today or tomorrow?

Enjoy the every day I say.

Jewellery to me has always been about adding something fun. There are so many designs from different periods and a range of mixed media, colours etc. It can be as simple as you want it to be or as extravagant. Even if I’m at home, I still like to pick out some earrings to wear.

Jewellery can be used to mark special occasions, gifts from loved ones (or ex loved ones), different places around the world, handmade, personalised, gifts from when you were young or passed down. There is just so much breadth which makes owning and wearing jewellery so unique for each and everyone on of us.

You may or may not have already read that this year I started my own earring making online store. I’m quite particular about earrings and which shapes would suit my face. Much like thinking corporate clothes are boring, I like to have fun with statement earrings. The more colour the better. I feel like my creative brain works better when I’m wearing colourful earrings. Particularly fitting considering that earrings that I had made so far, feature so much colour.

Handmade Frida Kahlo’s from my online store

Are you wearing something today that you’re particularly fond of?

9 thoughts on “Blogmas 2020- Day 17: Enjoying Jewellery

  1. There is an artisan I really like on Novica free trade site named Jantana. She makes beautiful silver earrings with geometric shapes or lots of stylized elephants. Today I am wearing circle dangle earrings she made. four small circles in the row.

  2. flaviastamato

    I like to dress as basic as I can and spice it up with jewelry. Sounds fancy, but it’s mostly old things I always had and always loved. It does add up to your mood, even if you are staying home! I loved the Fridas ❤

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